The Deal With Gaming. Pros and Cons.

The Deal With Gaming. Pros and Cons.

With gaming comes the mixture of opinions, so in this blog, I tackle the most common arguments made of both the behalf of the pros and cons. 

Everyone has their own opinions on gaming, but here is the deal.

First of all they are fun. Regular gamers will wrap themselves in the newest games to decide if they like it or not. New games like Assassin's Creed : Valhalla and Call of Duty: Cold War are the top trending on the gaming market, and there are already tons of reviews. Along with being fun is the ability to play with others. Personally it is so much better when I can play a game I enjoy with friends.

Better yet, when you play with strangers that turn into friends because of the shared interest in the game. The video gaming science is crazy, helping you form better connections in your memory as well processing of information. There are so many options to choose from that yes, can be overwhelming, but ultimately there is no way that you would never find a game that you liked.

There are even apps or places on the market that you can rent games for a free trial and can buy them if you like them or stop playing if you do not. A less costly way of figuring out the gaming style that you prefer.

On the other hand gaming can cause addictive tendencies in people. Dopamine is released in your brain when you win or achieve something. This happens in people with drug addictions or gambling issues. Secondly, video gaming takes time away from activities that society deems as more "important" or "healthy" like working out or reading.

Some people even make the statement that gaming deteriorates the useful knowledge like hard sciences or mathematics. Theoretically this is false because like stated earlier, gaming actually strengthens the brain's memory and processing of new information.

Video games can help introverts become extroverted. Playing video games requires most people to think outside of the box, so if you are someone that normally does this, but struggles to place these ideas in a social setting, then gaming is PERFECT! There is no social anxiety that has to be dealt with, it is simply just voicing your opinion to other players over the microphone and seeing where that leads.

It is a brilliant way to communicate to people about projects in the real world or work on being more open to public settings. Additionally, video games are expensive, but realistically they help reduce stress. Stress negatively impacts your mind and body, so why say no to something that will help you relax and take your mind to an alternative place for a moment to help you tackle the situation at a later time! 

Pros: Fun , Intro to Extrovert, relieves stress

 Cons: expensive, leads to possible laziness, or addiction

Overall, gaming is too good to be true, but wait, ITS NOT! There are so many people who do not realize gaming true potential and even as society shifts towards VR (virtual reality) the greater the opportunities there are to help ourselves and others.